Amiga Video to Pi HDMI Rev 2

By Chris Hooper
HW Rev 2: 2021-03-22


Rev2 of the board was a purely experimental quick spin. It integrates ECS Denise clock support and also adds optional RC filtering and delay for the incoming clocks. It also adds a couple HDMI connector options so that a full size rear HDMI can be mounted directly on the board. rather than from the Raspberry Pi.
The Rev2 board, when fully assembled, works well in both the Amiga 2000 and 3000. Some tweaking of the appropriate timing delay may be required in some cases to remove video fringe. This might only be seen in the (unsupported) SuperHiRes mode of the ECS Denise.


The Rev2 board doesn't have length-matched routing for HDMI. This might result in no video with some cable connection types. This is fixed in the Rev3 board design.